Florida Sunshine

From Prehistoric Beaches to Modern Day Homes

“State of the Art” manufacturing equipment and thirty years of experience allows our line of coral and shell stone to be manufactured into just about anything you can imagine or draw. Custom architectural items, capitals, columns, windows and door surrounds, arches, fireplaces, baseboards, moldings, tiles, copings, treads, risers, planters, tables, bases, sinks and more.

Florida Sunshine

Florida Sunshine

Florida Sunshines is usually formed in warm, supersaturated, shallow, highly agitated marine water intertidal environments, though some are formed in inland lakes. The mechanism of formation starts with a small fragment of sediment acting as a ‘seed’, e.g. a piece of a shell. Strong intertidal currents wash the ‘seeds’ around on the seabed, where they accumulate layers of chemically precipitated calcite from the supersaturated water. The oolites are commonly found in large current beddingstructures that resemble sanddunes. The size of the oolite reflects the time they have had exposed to the water before they were covered with later sediment.

The islands of the Lower Keys in the Florida Keys, as well as some barrier islands east of Miami bordering Biscayne Bay, are mainly oolitic limestone, which was formed by deposition when shallow seas covered the area between periods of glaciation. The material consolidated and eroded during later exposure above the ocean surface.

Florida Sunshine Available Sizes

  • Tiles & Pavers:

Florida Sunshine Available Finishes

  • Saw Cut
  • Rough Face

Sunshine Sawcut & Rough Face

Sawcut & Rough Face

Real Installation pictures of Florida Sunshine

Please enjoy these beautiful installation pictures sent from our clients, they are real pictures on real houses. Unlike other companies we don’t use stock pictures! You can click on any picture to see it full size.

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