Ocean Reef White

From Prehistoric Beaches to Modern Day Homes

“State of the Art” manufacturing equipment and thirty years of experience allows our line of coral and shell stone to be manufactured into just about anything you can imagine or draw. Custom architectural items, capitals, columns, windows and door surrounds, arches, fireplaces, baseboards, moldings, tiles, copings, treads, risers, planters, tables, bases, sinks and more.

Ocean Reef White is a true natural Shell Stone, quarried from pre-historic beaches.

Ocean Reef White

  • It is always cool to the touch.
  • Makes a great Insulator.
  • Luxurious high end material.
  • Perfect for pool decks, patios, pavers, pool coping and exterior/interior cladding.

Ocean Reef White Available Sizes

  • Tiles & Pavers: Available in sizes ranging from 12″x12″ to 24″x24″
  • Slabs: 56″x90″

Ocean Reef White Available Finishes

  • Brushed
  • Honed
  • Polished
  • Split Face
  • Split Face & Scored


Ocean Reef White Tiles

Pavers, Coping

Ocean Reef White Copping


Ocean Reef White Slabs


Ocean Reef White M&M

Real Installation pictures of Ocean Reef White

Please enjoy these beautiful installation pictures sent from our clients, they are real pictures on real houses. Unlike other companies we don’t use stock pictures! You can click on any picture to see it full size.

Remodeling and Home Design

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