Dry Treat Sealer Dt40sk

Coral Classics by A&P is a Master Distributor for all Dry Treat Sealers and only recommends Dry Treat Sealers & Cleaners for our products.

Proven over time to be the top of the line in the industry, Dry Treat sealers & Cleaners are also backed by impressive Factory Warranties for Performance, if installed by a Certified Dry Treat Installer.

Want to become a Certified Installer or have your contractor or installer get certified? Dry Treat makes this a simple process no matter where you are located in the USA or Caribbean Islands.

Using high end tested sealers, is imperative to any marble or stone installation job, for interior and exterior applications. By sealing your material properly from day one, they remain easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful for years to come.

Contact us anytime to get a list of certified installers in your area or get one of your own certified. Tear sheets, information packets on installation procedures to install and coverages rates, are also readily available.

Dry Treat Sealers

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