Mosaics & Moldings

Calypso Coral & Atlantic Shell Stone: Coral Classics stocks basic mosaics and moldings in Atlantic Shell Stone & Calypso Coral. These items are a great compliment to the tile lines we stock in these 2 specific products.

In Calypso Coral the mosaics are available in stock in a Saw Cut Unfilled finish and are mesh mounted for easy installation. Special order designs are available in Calypso Coral mosaics and moldings, with a lead time of apx 30 to 45 days from date of order.

Atlantic Shell Stone is also stocked in standard mosaics and moldings and are also a great compliment to the tile lines we stock. These mosaics are available in Honed Unfilled and Tumbled finishes and are also mesh mounted. 4” x 4” loose pieces are also available in Atlantic Shell Stone in both Honed Unfilled and Tumbled finishes finishes.

Atlantic Shell Stone moldings are stocked in a Honed Unfilled finish. Custom Moldings in Atlantic Shell Stone are also available by special order with a lead time of apx 45 to 60 days. Used primarily for shower floors, backsplashes, feature walls, waterline tile, etc…. these unique materials are sure to bring an exciting enhancement to any application they are used in.

Mosaics & Moldings Sizing and Finish

Sizing and Finish Calypso Coral:

Calypso Coral Mosaics:1x1,1x2, 2x2, Picasso, Saw Cut Unfilled Finish, Mesh Mounted

Calypso Coral Moldings: Chair Rail 2 ½” x 12”, Cane 1 ¼” x 12”, Pencil 3/4” x 12”, Saw Cut Unfilled Finish

Special Order: Any size or dimension not listed

Sizing and Finish Atlantic Shell Stone:

Atlantic Shell Stone: 1x1,1x2, 2x2, Mesh Mounted, Honed Unfilled & Tumbled, 4” x 4” Loose Pieces, Honed Unfilled & Tumbled

Atlantic Shell Stone: Chair Rail 2” x 12”, Cane 1” x 12”, Pencil 1/2” x 12”, Honed Unfilled Finish

Special Order: Any size or dimension not listed


Mosaics & Moldings Sealing

Calypso Coral and Atlantic Shell Stone are porous stones that should be sealed with a high-quality penetrating stone or marble sealer to close their pours and keep them from staining or attracting mold or mildew.

Coral Classics recommends "Dry Treat Sealer" & products.

Floor Sealing

Mosaics & Moldings Architectural


For installation pictures, samples, pricing, or any other information you require, please refer to our website, or feel free to contact us by phone or email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Calypso Coral Mosaics

Calypso Coral Moldings

Atlantic Shell Stone Mosaics

Atlantic Shell Stone Moldings

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