Authentic Florida Keystone

Authentic Florida Keystone is only quarried in the famous Florida Keys

Key features of Authentic Florida Keystone

Cut from areas that are under construction in the Florida Keys, it is swirled with large amounts of brain and fan corals. It is a very white material and is consistent in color from piece to piece, having many large and small holes throughout each piece. Hues of Red and Brown colors are sometimes seen in this material as well as tree roots.

The beauty of this material can be seen all over the state of Florida, with many famous installations used on South Beach hotels, Lincoln Road, Fisher Island Estates, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and countless residential homes of all sizes throughout Florida.

Authentic Florida keystone is a very rustic looking material and can be cut into tiles, pavers, copings, treads, architectural items, and small slabs. Material is available in 1” and 2” thickness depending on size, irregular flagging, and rough-face finish. Being a true coral stone, it retains no heat regardless of the sun's exposure it endures and is always cool to the touch and naturally non slip.

A very unique and authentic material, which brings the “Florida Keys Feel” to any application it is used in. Chipped edges and corners, saw blade marks and other irregularities, are inherent in this material. These "imperfections" are what brings the charm of the “Old World South Florida Feel” to this unique one of a kind stone.

This material is difficult to seal and keep clean when used in an exterior application and Coral Classics by A&P does not recommend sealing it. The most common applications are to install this material, in a natural saw cut unfilled finish, and then let the material “Patina” from being exposed to the weather. Authentic Florida Keystone is most commonly used for exterior applications, as the material is exposed to the natural elements, the keystone will start to “patina”

Through the patina process, the material will go through stages of green and black and eventually stain itself black in the holes and achieving the “Old Castle Look” making it appear to be thousands of years old.

If used on the interior and not exposed to weather, the material will stay the color it is when installed. A unique and Florida Authentic material, for a timeless classic old school Florida look…

Specifications of Authentic Florida Keystone

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Authentic Florida Keystone
Sizing and Finish
Authentic Florida Keystone
Authentic Florida Keystone

Authentic Florida Keystone is only available in sawcut unfilled. Due to the large and small holes, honed & filled finish is not recommended. If a “filled finish” is desired, Coral Classics by A&P recommends grouting after install – to fill in and give a “filled” look.


  • 12 X 12 X 1”
  • 12 X 24 X 1”
  • 16 X 16 X 1”
  • 18 X 18 x 1”
  • 1” Pattern


  • 12 X 12 X 2”
  • 12 X 24 X 2”
  • 12 X 36 X 2”
  • 12 X 48 x 2”
  • 16 X 16 X 2”
  • 16 X 24 X 2”
  • 16 X 32 X 2”
  • 18 X 18 X 2”
  • 18 X 36 X 2”
  • 24 X 24 X 2”
  • 24 X 48 X 2”
  • 36 X 36 X 2”
  • 36 X 48 X 2”
  • 2” Keystone Pattern
  • 2” Flagging 
  • Roughface / Splitface – 3” to 5” thick / 3 ¼”, 7”, 10 ¾”, 14 ½” X Random Lengths


  • 12 X 24 X 2” Full Bullnose on one 24” side  
  • 12 X 24 x 2” Straight Edge Coping 


  • 2” Cut to Size Raw Slabs – 36” Height (Max) X 60” Long (Max)

NOTE – 12” lengths are 11 ¾” and 24” lengths are 23 ¾”, true to size material is available by special order Any other sizes or thickness required are “special order” material.

Authentic Florida Keystone is available in other thickness as well as cut to size, and custom architectural elements which are considered special order with an approximate lead-time of 30 to 40 days.


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Due to the porosity of Authentic Florida Keystone, the material is difficult to be sealed and keep clean when used as an exterior application. Over time, the stone will “Patina”, go through color changes from being exposed to natural elements, eventually develop the “old world castle” look; as seen all over South Florida, South Beach, Fisher Island. 

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Authentic Florida Keystone can be fabricated into fireplaces, columns, door surrounds, and other custom architectural designs.

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Authentic Florida Keystone product range

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Authentic Florida Keystone real installation pictures

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