Bali Green

Bali Green, Submersible Stone

Bali Green is a submersible quartzite that changes colors from beautiful greens & blues the deeper the water it is installed in.

This material is suitable for all types of underwater applications such as swimming pools walls and floors, waterline, water features and ponds. It is suitable for both saltwater and standard chlorine pool systems.

Quarried and produced in Indonesia, this material is cut and produced by hand by local artisans. A&P recommends the use of “spacers” for all installations. Used in dry areas, this material is a very light pale green unless sealed with a high quality marble & stone enhancer to bring out the deeper and darker tones.

A very popular product all over Europe, Hawaii, Phuket and the Maldives to name a few,  it is now making its way to the USA, sought after for its unique color changing characteristics and ability to not breakdown over time due to water submersion.

Each installation is unique to itself and simulates the colors and hughes of our beautiful oceans around the world.

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Floor Sealing



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Bali Green product range

Bali Green real installation pictures

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