Seashell Coral

Seashell Coral is a true coral stone/shell stone that is swirled randomly with ancient shells and different small fossils in every piece

Seashell Coral Catalog

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Key features of Seashell Coral

Being a true coral stone/shell stone, Seashell Coral is always cool to the touch regardless of the sun exposure it endures.

In Saw Cut Unfilled, Seashell Coral is naturally Non-Slip. For this reason, it is an ideal product to use on any type of exterior application, sand set or mud set. Other finishes such as Brushed & H&F can also be used exterior. In the Honed & Filled Finish or Brushed & Filled finish, Seashell Coral can be used for interior applications. It is also suitable for interior or exterior cladding ion any finish.

For Architectural Elements, Seashell Coral can be fabricated into a variety of different products such as fireplaces, columns, window and door surrounds, balusters, 3D designs, convex and concave pieces, moldings, mosaics, pool copings, tables, bases, and more. Just about anything that can be drawn can be manufactured out of Seashell Coral.

Special order finishes include: Honed & Filled, Honed Unfilled, Brushed Unfilled, Brushed & Filled, Sandblasted, Split Face, Hand Chiseled, Rough-face, Bush Hammered, & Chiseled Edges to name a few.

Coral Classics recommends Seashell Coral be sealed after installation. Stain Proof by Dry Treat/ICP is the recommended sealer for this product. Coral Classics is a master distributor for all Dry Treat/ICP products


Specifications of Seashell Coral

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Seashell Coral
Sizing and Finish
Seashell Coral
Seashell Coral


  • 12x12x3/4"
  • 12x24x3/4”
  • 16x16x3/4"
  • 16x24x3/4”
  • 18x18x3/4"
  • 18x36x3/4"
  • 24x24x3/4"
  • 24x48x3/4"
  • 24x36x3/4”
  • 36x36x3/4"
  • 48x48x3/4"
  • Custom cut to size 


  •   4x8x1 3/4”
  •   6x12x1 3/4”
  • 12x12x1 3/4”
  • 12x24x1 ¾”
  • 16x16x1 3/4"
  • 18x18x1 3/4”
  • 18x36x1 3/4”
  • 24x24x1 3/4”
  • 24x36x1 3/4"
  • 24x48x 1 3/4”
  • 36x36x1 3/4”
  • 48x48x1 3/4” and 60” x 72” x 1 3/4” Slabs, Saw Cut Unfilled Finish
  • Custom cut to size

Pool Coping:

  • 12x12x1 3/4" and 12 x24 x1 3/4", Saw Cut Unfilled finish,                                                          Straight Edge and Full Bullnose
  • Custom sizes and Edge detail

Special Order Sizes: Seashell Coral can be custom cut into just about any size in any dimension at a minimum of 3/4” thick and up to 50” thick. Max Height is apx 48” and max length is apx 60”. Custom cut to size work is available. Special order sizes and thickness has an apx lead time of 30 days from date of order.

Special order Finishes: Seashell Coral is available in many special order finishes.                          Honed & Filled, Honed Unfilled, Brushed & Filled, Brushed Unfilled, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted, Rough Face, Split Face, Hand Chiseled, Scratch Face and Chiseled Edge to name a few.

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Seashell Coral is a porous stone that should be sealed with a high-quality penetrating stone or marble sealer to close its porous and keep it from staining or attracting mold or mildew.

If the Seashell Coral is stained, typically a simple bleach & water solution should remove it and bring the coral back to its original color without any damage to the stone.

Coral Classics by A&P, recommends "Premium Impregnating Sealer by Dry Treat" for all flooring, interior or exterior and "40SK Consolidator & Water Repellent by Dry Treat" for cladding applications.

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Seashell Coral can be fabricated into almost anything you can imagine or draw! Over ten million dollars in machinery and over 30 years of experience, the sky is the limit for custom architectural pieces.

From lavish fireplaces and columns to window and door surrounds, 3D designs, convex and concave pieces anything imaginable.

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For installation pictures, samples, pricing, or any other information you require, please refer to our website, or feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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Seashell Coral product range

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Seashell Coral Catalog

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